We don’t charge you any tax, but for the package to enter your country, you may need to pay import or sales tax.
The rules and amount for the tax varies for different countries, so please check before ordering. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for any tax charged.

Are Prices Listed at Store Tax Included?

No, they’re only prices of the products, not include tax and shipping fee. We always try our best to help our customers avoid unreasonable tax, for details, please check the below question.

How Can I Avoid Tax for My Pack(s)?

Generally, when a pack goes through custom house in your country, there’s a small chance that it will get picked for check of goods value, and apply corresponding tax fees. Then what should we do so that we avoid the possible tax?
We always mark the products value lower to help lower or avoid the tax. Just in case your pack got picked and you were asked to give a product value proof. We will try our best way to help you avoid or lower the possible tax.

A Good Way to Lower Down or Avoid Import Duties (Customs Duties/Import Tax)

Many of our customers have to pay import duties when their packs arrived in their countries especially for those sweeties who lives in Europe and Latin America such as Germany, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

The Measures We Take to Lower Down or Avoid the Import Duties:

  • If you order several products from us, we will put them in ONE package (without packing them individually in different bags or boxes, roll them up as if they were second-handed or worn clothes and we will cut the tags off the clothes)! Then we will put them in A Random paper box so that it looks like the pack (paper box) is sent by one of your friends.
  • We will mark the pack as A GIFT and lower down the pack’s value;
  • When your order’s tracking number is available, we will send it (the tracking number) together with a copy of the receipt for your ordered products showing the same value (lowered value) as the one we attached to the package in case the customs house asks you for the receipt/payment proof for your ordered products).

How to Use This Method When You Place Order From Us?
You can leave us a note at the checkout page saying “I want to avoid import duties” when you place your order, then we will use this method to ship out your pack to you.

The Result/Effect of This Method
We can NOT gurantee this method will 100% work but we think it’s our duty to share this method with you and we really hope it can help you a lot.

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